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Peter's Philosophies

Peter T. Stravinski owns ICC/Stravinski. Mr. Sravinski has built all of his companies on four major philosophies.

  1. Quality

    The client wants and deserves a quality product or service. All of us who work together want to be proud of what we do.

  2. Value with Cost Control

    Cost control must be exercised with the same zeal that we pursue quality. If we involve our employees, suppliers, subcontracors, and consultants in the process as partners rather than as adversaries, they: a)raise their quality, b) lower their prices, or c) do both at the same time. We then use some of the cost savings achieved to add higher quality products and services to the deal.

  3. Attention to Detail

    Quality can be raised and costs controlled at the same time by close attention to detail. We anticipate and avoid problems, not just fix them. We get everyone to help.

  4. Self Actualization

    Every person involved in our companies and projects wants to do a superlative job. They will help us raise quality and cut costs if we will only ask for their help and recognize their contributions.

  5. Do the Right Thing

    Deal loyalty: Being loyal to the organization, the team and yourself. When given a task, perform it to the best of your ability and do what is right, not what Peter says.

Peter T. Stravinski Owner & President ICC/Stravinski

Peter T. Stravinski
Owner & President ICC/Stravinski in front of a couple of ground breaking shovels